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4 Vail Family Activities to Enjoy this Winter and Spring

Vail and Beaver Creek are great choices if you’re looking to vacation with your family in Colorado. Whether you’re traveling from across the country to ski, or you’re a native looking to enjoy your own backyard, there are countless activities for you and your entire family to enjoy. Here are our 3 of our favorite Vail family activities to enjoy this winter and spring.

 – Adventure Ridge

Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek ski resort are obvious choices when it comes to activities to enjoy with your whole family.  But, if you’re looking for something other than skiing, Adventure Ridge has enough adventure for everyone in your family. Here, you can try tubing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ski biking, and explore the discovery center.

 – Pirate Ship Park

Yes, this park is amazing enough that it is listed as part of our favorite Vail family activities. This is a park of swashbuckling proportions. With three deck levels, slides, planks, climbing nets, and even a sea serpent, Pirate Ship Park is fun for kids of all ages. Even older children will enjoy running around the decks. It is extremely imaginative and will be a memorable spot for years to come.

 – Sleigh Ride

There’s not many activities that will beat bundling up under a cozy blanket in a horse drawn sleigh, and making your way through a winter wonderland under starlit skies to a cozy cabin where a four course meal and a roaring fire are waiting. Bearcat Stables offers winter sleigh rides that are sure to delight all ages in your family.

 – Imagination Station

The Imagination Station Children’s Museum is a great way to have some fun indoors, if the weather is a bit chilly. They have a play wall, a light table, builder boards, a marble track, and hyperbolic funnel that models planetary motion!

Vail Family Activities: A Vacation the Whole Family Will Enjoy

There are many family activities to enjoy in Vail and Beaver Creek. With countless restaurants, cozy accommodations, and an enormous ski resort to explore, the whole family is sure to have a great time. Whether you’re a local looking to explore your own backyard, or you’re traveling from across the country, we are sure many great memories will be made!

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