5 Ways to Prepare for Ski Season
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5 Ways to Prep for Ski Season in Vail and Beaver Creek

5 Ways to Prepare for Ski Season

There is a bit of chill to the air. When it rains, there is a dusting of snow in the high country, and leaves crunch under our feet as we walk outside. Fall is here, which means that ski season is on its way. Vail Mountain opens November 18th, and Beaver Creek opens the next week, on November 23rd. With only two months to go, we all need to prepare so that we’re ready to hit the slopes! Here are a few of our tips to get ready for the upcoming ski season:

1. Gather Your Gear

First, take an inventory of your gear. Here are a few questions to ask as you go through each item:

  • Winter Clothing: Do you have each piece of clothing (gloves, hat, ski pants, jacket) that you need? Are they still warm and able to keep you protected from the elements?
  • Ski/Boarding Equipment: Is your gear in good shape? Check your goggles for scratches, make sure your helmet is still structurally sound, and make sure your poles aren’t bent.
  • Snowboard/Skis: Check your skis or snowboard for wear. Are they rusted at all? For the best performance, take them for a full, professional tune-up and waxing!
  • Boots/Bindings: Take out the liners and foot beds of your ski boots. Are they worn? Let your boots air-out, and consider replacing the heel or toe pieces. Clean your bindings, and take them in to be adjusted if they look misshapen.

If your gear is in good shape, you’re in luck! If you need new equipment, start shopping now for the best selection. Don’t avoid second-hand shops: Many people replace their skis or boards every year; you may find one that is almost brand-new!

2. Book Your Hotel

The hotels and accommodations in Vail and Beaver Creek can book up way in advance. To get the best price and to stay at your choice hotel, book now. Plan your weekend around where you are going to stay, and look forward to it from now on!

3. Get in Shape

Many people hit the gym to prepare for ski season. While this can be a great way to shape up those legs, we think a better option is to get out and enjoy fall: Go on a hike or a run, get your heart racing, and work those legs. What better way to get in shape for skiing than to train on the mountain?

4. Prep Your Car

If you live in Vail or Beaver Creek, you’re in luck: You don’t have to drive far to hit the slopes. For those who live along the Front Range, you need to think about preparing your vehicle for snowy weather so you can get to the ski area safely. Take your car in to be services, and be ready to swap out those tires for all-weather ones!

5. Think Snowy Thoughts

Do whatever you can to encourage a snowy season. If you have a superstition that supposedly brings more snow, give it a whirl. Locals swear by washing their car (it always snows the day after a good wash). Maybe you have a crazy blizzard dance, or other activity that always seem to work. Every year is different – we all would love some great powder for a great ski season!


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