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6 of the Best Après Ski in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado

What is après ski? Locals talk about it with great fondness – any people ski just for the après. But, what exactly is it?


noun: après-ski
the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing.
“the après-ski disco”

Après ski is on of the best parts about skiing or snowboarding: Nothing beats grabbing a cold beer and tasty eats with friends after a long day on the slopes. There’s something special about everyone sitting around in their ski hats, with wind-blown hair and red cheeks enjoying a meal together. There are some great places in both Vail and Beaver Creek that are famous for this quintessential after-skiing/snowboarding activity. Here are the best apres ski in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Best Après Ski in Vail, Colorado

 – Bart and Yeti’s

Bart and Yeti’s is Vail’s oldest bar, and it’s a definite local favorite. And, for good reason: They have a fantastic selection of beer, hearty meals (like the Chili Cheese Bart Hamburger), and a fantastic ski lodge atmosphere. They’re famous for their green chili, and the fact that they are dog friendly.

 – Sarah’s Lounge at Christiana Lodge

If you’re looking for a more peaceful apres ski experience, head to Sarah’s Lounge in Christiana Lodge. Their motto is “elegance without pretension.” Enjoy a few cocktails with friends, and listen to Helmut Fricker (a Vail institution) play the accordion.

 – Blü Cow Café

The Blü Cow Café was a Vail mainstay for years. Founded in 1967, the restaurant closed, but was recently reopened by the original owner’s daughter and her best friend. They offer European street food, including the famous Swiss Dog. Their 1,000 square foot space is cozy and fun, making it the perfect destination for après ski.

Best Après Ski in Beaver Creek, Colorado

 – Hooked

Seafood in Colorado? After a day skiing in the Rocky Mountains? This may not seem like the right place to get seafood, but Hooked flies its fish in directly from Japan multiple times a week. Happy Hour gets you great deals of sushi and beer, making it a great après ski destination.

 – Golden Eagle Inn

If you’re staying in Beaver Creek Village, the Golden Eagle Inn is a great place to gather after a day of skiing. They serve lunch until 4pm, and you can get delectable eats like Elk Chili, Ancho Chili Calamari, and Tamari Tuna Tacos.

 – Coyote Café

Coyote Café has a great bar menu, and is a local favorite (it is the first bar in the area!). Located a short distance from Beaver Creek in Avon, it’s a break spot to hit for happy hour (from 3-6). Get a margarita and some Coyote Nachos, and spend the evening with your friends.

Best Après Ski in Vail and Beaver Creek: The List is Long

These are just a few of the great restaurants and bars in Vail and Beaver Creek. There are countless places that offer great food, drinks, and atmosphere for the best après ski meal with your friends.

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