Behind the Scenes at Vail, Colorado
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Behind the Scenes at Vail: An Insider’s Look at the Mountain

The centerpiece of Vail, Colorado is Vail Mountain: At 5,289 acres, this massive resort is what draws visitors from all over the world. As locals, it’s easy for us to take the impressive mountain and how it is operated for granted. So, in today’s blog post, we’re going to offer a behind-the-scenes look at Vail.



The Stats on the Mountain:

Vail Mountain is truly enormous: With 193 trails stretching out over 5,289 acres, it provides fun for every level of skier. There are 3 terrain parks, a super pipe, and a ski school with over 1,000 instructors. There are 2800 people employed by the resort to keep the operation running smoothly. The ski area’s 31 lifts are capable of taking 60,000 people up the mountain each hour. But, because Vail is so big, that equates to only 2 skiers per acre!

The People Who Make It Work

Vail Mountain wouldn’t be fun to explore if it weren’t for the groomers. They are what keep us all coming back to ski those long, beautifully groomed runs under a bluebird sky. The groomer’s day begins as we all head to the bars and restaurants for après ski. The groomers are hard at work – they groom over 1,000 acres every night using a wide variety of machines. Here’s a great video that explains just how much work goes into making the mountain the best skiing for us all!



The People Who Keep Us Safe

The Vail Ski Patrol operates out of 6 patrol houses across the mountain. They work to keep the mountain safe for everyone – from pulling injured skiers out of bad situations and getting them to medical attention, to blasting for avalanches. They are the first on the scene when there’s an accident, they are constantly patrolling the mountain and looking for dangerous terrain, and they’re in the thick of things when avalanches need to be set off to keep us all safe. The biggest tip that a ski patrol officer has for us to stay safe on the mountain is to “be aware of your surroundings.” This will result in less crashes, which means we’ll all have a much better vacation and time on the mountain.

Visiting Vail: The King of the Ski Resorts

Vail has been referred to as the “king of American ski resorts.” We couldn’t agree more. With such a vast amount of acreage, heated ski lifts with wi-fi, and great après ski options (there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and dining options throughout Vail and Beaver Creek), there isn’t a place we’d rather spend the winter. Book your stay at one of Vail’s many great lodging options, and buy your lift tickets today!

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