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Colorado Mountain College Offers Vail Classes in Sustainable Cuisine

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sustainability is a word close to us in Vail Valley. We are engulfed by some of the most beautiful terrain in the world – with natural Colorado Mountains soaring high above our sleepy mountain towns. Peaked by graceful snow in the winter and peppered with luscious green in the summer, it is important that we protect these vibrant behemoths and work towards preserving them for the children of the future. CMC Culinary Institute is taking another step in the direction of this preservation by offering Vail classes that focus on the art of sustainable living.

A student shows off his home-grown salad during one of CMC Culinary Institute's Vail classes.

A student shows off his home-grown salad during one of CMC Culinary Institute's Vail classes.

A culinary degree in Sustainable Cuisine focuses on the art and science of creating delicious cuisine using sustainably grown, sourced, and produced food. Certification programs teach students to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits in an on-site garden and greenhouse. The students then craft amazing gourmet dishes from the bountiful harvest.

Haven’t you ever wanted to grow your own garden and then create a delicious feast from the fruits of your labor? We know we have. It saves money, is eco-friendly, and makes us think of simpler times when food wasn’t purchased in a mega-mart. Ultimately, these classes bring sustainable living to the local populace of Vail Valley, and we have high hopes that the ideas and techniques taught will be adopted by our fellow local residents. Happily enough, some restaurants in the valley are already looking to employ Sustainable Cuisine chefs!

Upon completion of the two year program, students will earn their Associates Degree in Sustainable Cuisine along with a series of certificates that are a powerful addition to any resume. Students are also free to simply take the classes that interest them, but some prerequisites may apply.

CMC Culinary Institute also offers a plethora of exciting Vail classes based around cooking at home. Students will learn to apply the techniques of an experienced chef in their own kitchen, by mastering unique techniques like tempering their own chocolate, baking with gluten-free flours, or simply creating a traditional Italian feast. In order to learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit or call 970-569-2900.