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Business Spotlight: Flashpoint Photography – Josh Stevenson

Business Spotlight: Flashpoint Photography – Josh Stevenson

Friday, January 15, 2016

Josh Stevenson Photography - Famiy Photo

“The connection I make with my clients is just as important as the photos.”

When asked what kind of photography he does, Colorado native and photographer Josh Stevenson answers, “yes.” From portraits to skiers, fine art to corporate events, Josh says what he loves about life as a photographer is getting to meet people and face new challenges. And, meeting new people has always been a passion of his: He has traveled the world taking photos, capturing memories, personalities, and beautiful sights through his camera lens.

Lion photo from Josh Stevenson Photography

Eagle Photography - Flashpoint Photograpy in CO

World Travels as a Photographer

As an artist, Josh began searching for easier ways to capture the beauty of his travels, ultimately becoming a student of photography to take photos of his adventures, and the people he met along the way. He has traveled more places than he can name – from Indonesia and Southeast Asia to the wilderness of Alaska, and to South and Central America, where he traveled to learn Spanish. Through all his travels, when asked where he would live if given the choice, Josh says “he hasn’t found anything that beats Colorado full-time.”

Skier in Vail - Photography by Flashpoint Photography

Why Vail is Unique

Josh ended up in Vail after a 1-month trek to Alaska, and decided it was the perfect place to set up his home base, due to the seasonal nature of the area. Now living in Eagle with his family, he really loves the area because of the easy access along I-70. “From here, we’re only 3 ½ hours from the desert (Moab), and 30 minutes from skiing in Vail, with easy access to untouched backcountry skiing.” This is what makes the area unique. Another aspect of the tiny community of Vail is the international travelers. Cabin fever is a real feeling in the winter, but because of the many travelers from all over the world, it makes it a very exciting place to live, as you meet people from different cultures and nations.

Professional Photography in Vail

Photography is all about the human connection, and for Josh, this is the most important part of his work. This is apparent in every type of photography he does. The greatest thing he has to offer, aside from his technical skills and expertise, is “creating a lasting connection with every one” of his clients. Many of his clients have become lifelong friends and repeat clientele – a testament to his commitment to customer service and providing excellent photography.

Vail Photography - Family Photos from Josh Stevenson

A successful family photo shoot.

– Portraiture

Portraiture is one of Josh’s favorite kinds of photography. As a father himself, Josh enjoys capturing candid shots of children. According to him, “sitting a 4-year-old down and telling him to smile isn’t natural.” Instead of forcing a shot, he focuses on the “organic process,” helping the children have fun in order to better capture their personality and natural, candid smiles. Josh does have a secret weapon for photographing kids: He’s “not above bribing.” One family declared him the “best photographer ever” after he rewarded them all with a bag of Skittles after a successful photo shoot.

Children's Photos - Josh Stevenson Photography, CO

Josh’s portraits expertly capture personality.

Vail Photographer, Josh Stevenson

One of the many great portrait shots from Flashpoint Photography.

– Events

Flashpoint also provides photography for events in the Vail and Eagle areas. Josh has provided photography services for Foresight Ski Guides for over 8 years. Foresight Ski Guides is an organization that works to make snow sports accessible to blind and visually-impaired people from around the world. Josh says working with this organization is particularly inspiring, because of the people; the enthusiasm and personal growth of the participants is part of what makes photography so enjoyable.

Vail Scenery - Flashpoint Photography

A beautiful shot of gorgeous fall colors in Colorado.

Importance of Human Connection with Photography

In these times when everyone carries a mobile device capable of capturing images, Josh’s goal with photography is to establish a connection with his clients so that shoots are enjoyable and fun. He knows all the beautiful places where the best shots can be taken, and works to make time fly by. His favorite comment to hear after a shoot is, “it’s already been an hour? That flew by!” Happy clients who are excited to display a piece of his fine art above their fireplace, and receiving Christmas cards featuring his work are what make photography so rewarding for Josh. He is the photographer of choice for many people living in the Vail and Eagle areas. If you have a need for any type of photography – weddings, portraits, corporate events, business photography, or any other event – Josh is well-suited to the task. A well-traveled photographer with years of experience, Josh Stevenson offers a personal photography experience to capture the personalities of those he’s photographing so you have the perfect shot.

Funny Famiy Photo - Flashpoint Photography

Even the shots that aren’t perfect can make great photos and memories!

Get More Information:

Visit: Josh Stevenson’s Eagle and Vail photography site to learn more about his services, and to see a gallery of his work. Many thanks to Josh for taking the time for this spotlight, and for providing the fantastic photos for this post!

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