Weekend Events in Vail
Events in Vail

End of Summer Weekend Events in Vail and Beaver Creek

Weekend Events in Vail

It may feel as if summer is coming to a close. After all, August is when your kids go back to school, and schedules and routines become more important. But, in Colorado, summer weather goes on for many more months, so you have nothing to despair. And, the summer celebrations continue in Vail and Beaver Creek – there are many fun weekend events that will help you keep summer rolling on and on.

End of Summer Events in Vail

There are many great events that are continuing through the month of August, through September in Vail. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Enjoy Nature: Every Saturday through October 2nd, you can take a hike up Vail Mountain with a Naturalist. You’ll take in a magnificent view of the valley, and learn about the animals and plants native to the area.
  • Enjoy Music: The Saturday Sundown Series features free live music at Eagle’s Nest on Vail Mountain. The events continue through the beginning of September, so you can make summer last as long as possible.
  • Enjoy Yoga: If you want to start your weekend off right, you can join a free yoga class on Friday’s and Saturdays at Mid-Vail. You’ll relax and get a great workout as you take in the beauty of the mountain around you.
  • Enjoy Dance: The Vail International Dance Festival continues in Vail through August 13th. This festival celebrates the incredible arts that are available in the Vail Valley, and offer master classes and performances for all.

End of Summer Events in Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek has many great events through the month of August for visitors and locals to enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites from the area:

  • Enjoy Dining: Beaver Creek is home to fantastic cuisine. Every Saturday through the 27th of August, you can attend the Culinary Connection sessions to learn from world-renowned chefs and gourmet restaurants.
  • Enjoy Art: This weekend, attend the Beaver Creek Art Festival. Here, you’ll find art from all kinds of mediums, including pottery, glass, painting, beading, and other great pieces of art.
  • Enjoy Wine: August 12-14th is the 10th Annual Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits Festival! You can enjoy all things wine related, including cooking classes, dinners with a Grand Tasting, and wine pairing seminars.
  • Enjoy Running: There are two great running events in Beaver Creek this month: The Beaver Creek Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k, and the Ragnar Relay. The first run has an event for everyone, and the relay is an overnight running event all will find memorable!

As you can see, there are many different activities in both Beaver Creek and Vail to finish off the summer in style. Of course, we haven’t included the Octoberfest celebrations in this post – we’ll update you about those events as we near the month of September. Have a great time enjoying the warmth of summer!

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