Enjoy a Food or Brewery Tour in Vail this Weekend

Food and Brewery Tour in Vail

Do you love good food? Do you love great beer? We know these are rhetorical questions: There really aren’t that many people in the world who don’t have a passion for delicious food and beverages. This is especially true of Coloradoans: With all the exercise we enjoy in the great outdoors, the need to refuel is great. And, what better way to refuel after a day on the slopes or out hiking (which is a possibility, given the warm spring weather we’ve been enjoying), than a brewery or food tour? Here’s all the information you need to get started on your food and beverage journey through Vail.

Gourmet Food Tour in Vail

People wishing to have lunch in Vail Village often suffer from one or more of these problems:

  1. They’re Not Sure Which Restaurant to Choose
  2. They Want to Try Them All

Thankfully, there’s an answer. Now, you can enjoy a lunch food tour through Vail Village, and try a variety of food from five different restaurants throughout town! The best part is that you’ll be treated to history and stories about Vail as you walk from tasting to tasting, making it a very enjoyable, unforgettable experience. There are a few different pricing options (depending on if you want alcohol pairings along with your tasting experience). Click here to learn more about the Vail Valley Gourmet Food Tour, including location, pricing, and dates and times.

Brewery and Distillery Tour in Vail

There’s really nothing better than drinking a cold beer after hiking, skiing, ice-skating, snowboarding, or enjoying any of the great outdoor activities in Vail. Coloradoans truly love their brews: As of 2014, our state had 217 breweries, and that number is growing quickly (we consider Colorado to be the microbrew capital of the world). If you’d like to check out some of the breweries in Vail, but you’re not sure where to begin, consider taking a Distillery and Brewery Tour!  For this tour, you’ll board a van and stop at three local brewery tasting rooms. You’ll be able to sample craft beers from our excellent artisan brewers. Our tours are great for everyone – even if you don’t like beer, you can ride along and enjoy the view. Click here to learn more about brewery and distillery tours in Vail, including pricing, location, and more details!

Food and Brewery Tours: The Perfect Way to Sample the Best of Vail

When you take a food or brewery tour in Vail, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple restaurants and breweries in one trip. And, you’ll be treated to information, history, and stories about our great town. Relax and unwind this weekend, and enjoy the best food and beer Vail has to offer!

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