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Fly Fishing This Week in Vail, Colorado

Fly Fishing This Week in Vail, Colorado

Spring has sprung here in the Vail/Beaver Creek area, and that means fly fishing season is underway! Of all of the many wonderful things to do in Vail, fly fishing is one of the best. The Eagle River, one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world, is right in our backyard, and we love it!

Yesterday, we caught up with Mark Sassi, fly fishing guide with Gore Creek Fly Fisherman. These photos were taken with Mark’s clients last week on the Eagle River. Mark’s been fishing quite abit already this Spring, and he’s totally psyched to be back on the river. Here’s a little snippet from Mark’s Fly Fishing Report, special to

“Spring has hit full force and the rivers are fishing like April. Clarity is gently affected mid day with a bit of run off but the water is pretty clear most of the day and the fishing is very good. Spend some alone time with your friends or with a fly fishing guide and mix up your day a bit and go fly fishing. The quality of Spring fishing will surprise you. Be sure to use small tippet and long leaders and when the clarity gets off color shorten your leader and use larger diameter tippet.

The usual access points that we may fish in the summer are still accessible right now. Typically ice consumes most of our rivers and finding a spot to get a drift can be challenging at best. This year the lack of ice in combination with nice weather has allowed the fish junkies constant access with no issues. Sunny days are coming again soon so ski a bit and fish a bit more. The clarity on the Eagle has been stained the past week due to a bit of warmth and snow melt but not so stained that it effects the fishing. You can approach the river a bit more aggressively than when its clear. ALso The fish aren’t so likely to get spooked by your presence if they cannot see or sense you. Just tread lightly. ”

Read Mark’s full fishing report on for the inside scoop on which flies to use and the best fishing holes in the Vail/Beaver Creek area.

Ready to book a fly fishing trip? Download a coupon on for $40 off a guided half-day trip with Gore Creek Fly Fisherman.

That’s all for today, folks… it’s lunchtime, and we’re going fishing!

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