Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Winter

We caught up with our friends at Gore Creek FlyFisherman this week. They enjoyed a wonderful winter day fishing with clients on the Eagle River.

Here’s what guide Mark Sassi says about the day: “It always amazes me to see the serenity of a river setting just after a big snow storm. All the exposed rocks in the river have pillows of snow on top of them and along with the lack of fishing traffic and no footprints, you feel so alone with nature and have the opportunity to embrace true nature whether your fishing or just exploring. Spend some alone time with your friends or with a fly fishing guide and mix up your day a bit and go fly fishing. The quality of winter fishing will surprise you. Be sure to use small tippet and long leaders and when the clarity gets off color shorten your leader and use larger diameter tippet.”  Read Mark’s full Fishing Report on here.


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