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Free Snowshoe Tours in Vail: Enjoy Spring in Colorado with Your Family

Spring in a mountain town is far from typical. Most people think of blossoming flowers, green grass, and blue skies on the first day of spring. And, while this does happen, it really starts looking like typical spring much later than spring typically is – in May, for example. This may sound a bit sad, as most people have spring fever, but it really is one of our favorite things about Colorado. Spring in a mountain town is fantastic: The weather is a bit warmer, but you still have plenty of snow to get out and enjoy! One of our favorite spring activities is snowshoeing, and when you join free snowshoe tours in Vail, you’ll be able to explore some areas of our beautiful town that you’ve never seen before.

Free Snowshoe Tours in Vail: The Details

When you enjoy one of the free snowshoe tours in Vail offered by Walking Mountains Science Center, you’ll learn about the area and wildlife, as well as see parts of the mountain you’ve never seen before. You’ll explore the forests on top of Vail Mountain, while learning from an expert guide about animals, and winter ecology. And, you’ll have magnificent views the entire time!

Who Provides the Tours

Walking Mountains Science Center provides the free snowshoe tours in Vail. Locals and visitors enjoy the many programs and activities they offer! They offer a wide variety of tours, walks, and other activities the whole family can enjoy.

Types of Snowshoe Tours

The science center offers a few different types of snowshoe tours. A daytime tour allows you to see the views, learn about nature, and the ecology of the forest. The evening tours offer a different experience: You travel by night, enjoying the calm of the forest, and learning about nocturnal animals in the area. If you’re interested in a longer snowshoe trek, try their half-day backcountry tours (this longer tour isn’t free, but is well worth the trip).

What You’ll Need

To participate in the snowshoe tours, you’ll need the following gear:

  • All children need to be above the age of 10.
  • Each visitor must have a valid ski pass or Vail Scenic Ride Ticket to ride the gondola before 3:30pm daily.
  • Participation is first-come-first serve. You must sign up at the Nature Discovery Center.
  • Wear warm clothing. This includes: Snow pants, sturdy and warm boots, a warm hat, and gloves. Snowshoes are provided!

Remember: The most important thing is to have fun! Snowshoeing is a wonderful experience in the spring. We are sure your whole family will enjoy it!

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