New Year: Things We're Thankful for as we Move Into 2017
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Fresh Snow in Vail: Looking Forward into the New Year

Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe, wonderful holiday. As we get back to work after the holidays, it can be a bittersweet feeling: It can be difficult to get back into a schedule, but with the New Year, a sense of excitement fills the air. We’re excited about 2017 and the many opportunities and blessings to enjoy. Here are a few things we’re especially thankful for this season:

Fresh Powder

The Front Range is getting a lot of snow, and Vail is no different. A winter storm continues to dump snow, with 6” of fresh powder falling in the past 48 hours.  This means that Vail will be the perfect winter wonderland getaway if you’re looking to extend the holidays!

Open Terrain and Lifts

All of our ski lifts are in operation, and 99% of our terrain is open. With only two runs closed, there is more than enough mountain to explore and enjoy this season. We got off to a rocky start with not much snow at the beginning of the ski season, but 2017 is looking like it will be a great year on the mountain!

Fun Family Activities

Finding fun family activities is often a challenge, but it’s important for a healthy family. Vail is a great place to find outdoor activities that even the pickiest person in your family will enjoy. Go ice-skating in Arrabelle Square in Lionshead Village, or, for the bolder and more courageous, check out the Forest Flyer at Adventure Ridge, and finish up with a cup of hot cocoa around the fire.

Delicious Après Ski Options

Let’s face it: Much of the reason we ski is simply for the delicious food we enjoy afterward (admit it, you feel the same way). Nothing beats grabbing a beer or hot toddy and a bite to eat after a day on the slopes. And, Vail has some of the best options in the area. From Garfinkel’s (known as Garf’s to the locals, and a great casual spot), to The Remedy (for those inclined to a more fancy setting), Vail is full of great restaurants and bars to enjoy after spending the day on the mountain!

Happy New Year: Here’s to a Great 2017

These are just a few of the things we’re thankful for here in the Vail Valley. We look forward to 2017, where we hope more exploring, taking in the sites, and enjoying the beauty of Colorado with friends and family will take place!

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