Hiking Through the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

Vail has a long and prosperous history of using the natural habitat to the full breadth of its potential. Whether it be snowboarding down the powdery slopes during winter, or just enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape with a simple summer hike into the Rockies, it seems fitting that Vail would be one of the staunchest supporters and participants of Conservation Colorado’s annual celebration of the Wilderness Act of 1964.

For 50 years, this Congressional Act has supported and taken steps to sustain the growth and development of Vail Valley’s natural ecosystem. This year, Conservation Colorado’s aim is to not only celebrate conservational victories of the past, but to place an emphasis on catalyzing further positive environmental action. Conservation Colorado’s overall goal is to promote beneficial changes and developments to sustaining the natural beauty and functionality of native ecosystems.

To these ends, the City of Vail has planned activities like the John Fielder slideshow exhibition, which chronicles Fielder’s 40 years of exploring the American wilderness. There will also be a book signing featuring Fielder and his best-selling book, entitled Mountain Ranges of Colorado.

The town has also sweetened the anniversary weekend with special Vail hiking tours, where one can hire a guide or simply pave their own way. Focused on compiling a comprehensive trail index for native and non-native hikers alike, the City of Vail invites experienced to record their journeys. This index will be used by future generations to enjoy the natural beauty of Vail Valley.

So, whether your aim is to experience first-hand the wonders of Vail Valley’s mountains, or to enjoy other Vail outdoor activities, this weekend is the perfect time to absorb the natural beauty of Colorado’s most illustrious mountain ranges.

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