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Sleigh Rides

Vail sleigh rides turn your Vail winter vacation into a magical experience for the entire family. Experience the thrill of bobbing along through Vail’s legendary landscapes while enjoying a steaming mug of cocoa while watching the snow fall with your loved ones.

Horseback riding in Vail provides one of the most unique ways to enjoy the Vail backcountry and see the Vail few people get to explore. A great way to see the sights, get off the beaten bath and into the breathtaking wild spaces of the Vail Valley with a Beavercreek sleigh ride or a snowy horseback riding tour of Vail.

Plan your Vail horseback riding adventure or winter sleigh ride today for an unforgettable winter in Vail.


Bearcat Stables

Cordillera, Edwards

Horse drawn sleigh rides, dinner sleigh rides and winter horseback rides. Rocky Mountain scenery from a horse's view with Bearcat Stables, just 15 minutes from Beaver Creek resort. Kids love it!

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