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An Insider’s Look at Planning Your Vail Vacation

An insider's look into planning your Vail vacation

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There are a couple of ways to go about planning a vacation: You can research all the “hot spots,” stay in the trendy hotels, and enjoy the tourist experience. Or, you can delve into the culture of the town and area you are visiting, experiencing it like a local. Regardless of your vacationing preference, it is helpful to have a few insider’s tips to planning your Vail vacation, so that you can experience some of the same things that locals do.

Insider Tips for Enjoying the Snow

If you’re planning a Vail vacation, skiing, snowboarding, or some other type of activity involving snow is likely on the agenda. Here are a few insider’s tips about enjoying the snow that you may find helpful as you book your trip:

  • Book Early: The early bird really does get the worm. If you’re planning on hitting the slopes, buying your lift tickets earlier in the season will guarantee you get the best discounts.
  • Book an Early Flight: Ski for free at Vail on the day you arrive. All you have to do is present an airline ticket or boarding pass to the ticket office, and you can ski or ride the rest of the day for free.
  • Ski Multiple Days: When you book lift ticket packages and ski multiple days, you’ll end up saving money, and you’ll get to experience more time on the slopes.
  • Snowshoe by Moonlight: A favorite local activity is to hit the slopes after dark – not on skis, but with snowshoes. Moonlight snowshoeing offers a glimpse into the calm, serene, starlight nights at Vail. If you don’t want to attempt a trek on your own, sign up for a free guided moonlight snowshoe tour with Walking Mountains Science Center.

Insider Tips for Accommodations

Accommodations are an important part of planning your Vail vacation. Here are a few insider’s tips on finding the right accommodations for your trip:

  • Book with Friends: One of the best ways to save money while simultaneously ramping up the fun is to book a trip with friends. When you book a condo and split the cost with another family, you’ll not only save money, you’ll have a blast enjoying après ski activities with friends.
  • Stay During the Week: If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel, book your Vail vacation for the middle of the week. Prices and rates are much lower than on the weekends.
  • Book in Advance: You’ll have first pick of all the best condos and hotels when you book your stay early. And, you can take advantage of discounted rates and sales when you plan early.

Insider Tips for Après Ski

Après ski activities are just as important to locals as skiing or snowboarding. That’s because there really isn’t anything more relaxing than sipping a wine or beer and enjoying appetizers or a juicy burger after a long day on the slopes. Here are a few insiders tips into après ski activities in Vail.

  • Relax Your Feet: The 10th Restaurant, located on the mountain (at the base of Look Ma run at Mid-Vail), is unusually comfortable: When you arrive, a cozy pair of slippers will be issued to you so that your weary feet can relax while you dine!
  • Local Spot: Bart and Yeti’s is the oldest bar in Vail, and it’s also one of the coziest. This little pub is usually packed with locals, and has great beer on draft, and delicious food to warm you up, such as green chili and onion rings!
  • Soak in a Hot Tub: Make sure you bring your swimsuit, because nothing beats soaking in a hot tub or natural hot springs after skiing all day. Most of the hotels and condos in the area have hot tubs, but if you want something a bit more natural, head to Glenwood Springs for the natural hot springs. The drive only takes an hour, and it is well worth the trip!

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