Little Known Facts About Vail

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Vail Colorado is a place that practically everyone in the US and many globally have been to, seen on television or heard about.  Its been such a household name that many people do not realize that it was not even discovered until the mid 1950s.  It was trooper Peter Seibert and local rancher Earl Eaton who first climbed the mountain and realized once they got to the top what a perfect place for skiing it would be.  In 1962 the Forest Service granted permission for the two to develop the area for skiing.  Today, Vail is the largest ski area in North America.


While the mountain has been there for eons, Vail got its name from the man responsible for bringing the highway through the area, Charlie Vail.  Vail Colorado now boasts Four terrain parks, seven bowls and 5,289 acres of free ride terrain,  For the relatively short amount of time the ski area has been in existence it has certainly come a long way.  From celebrities to common working people the slopes are a favorite winter destination.  As time goes on, it is also realizing the reality of being a year round entertainment and vacation spot. 


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