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A Local’s Guide to Spring Skiing in Vail: Be Prepared for Fun

Spring skiing holds a special place in every Coloradoans heart. It’s a time when the skiing itself isn’t the best (conditions are a bit slushy), but spirits are high. There’s really nothing better than speeding down the slopes with a short-sleeved shirt on (or, in some cases – a bikini top). Here’s a guide to enjoying spring skiing like a local.

Know What to Expect

First, you need to have the right expectations: There won’t be any fresh powder. You won’t feel the chill in the air when you ride up the gondola for the first time. You probably will want a cold beverage halfway through the day, instead of a cup of hot chocolate.  That doesn’t mean you won’t have a blast – it’s just a different kind of fun. It’s important to have the right expectations. Spring skiing in Vail means you’ll have:

  • Soft Snow Conditions: While soft snow conditions aren’t known for being the most exciting, it does mean your whole family can enjoy skiing together. Soft snow makes for easy skiing.
  • Wear the Right Clothing: Don’t wear one single, heavy layer. We guarantee you’ll be roasting by the end of the day. Instead, wear multiple thin layers that can easily be removed and stuffed in a backpack.
  • Protect Your Skin and Eyes: With the sun being out, you need to be sure to wear sunscreen and goggles (or sunglasses). You won’t believe how burned you can get, with the sun reflecting off the snow.

Be Ready to Have Some Fun Spring Skiing

One of the main reasons that Coloradoans love spring skiing, is that it’s a time to celebrate. While we’re sad that ski season will soon be over, we have a beautiful summer full of hiking, fishing, bike riding, swimming, horseback riding, ballooning, zip lining, and much more ahead of us. The crowd on the mountain is always lively this time of year. You’ll see crazy costumes, because skiing is all about the fun this time of year. There’s no need to get up early, either – instead, grab a bite to eat at a breakfast place in Vail or Beaver Creek before hitting the slopes. And, be prepared for après-ski all day: There’s no need to wait until after the day is over to grab a beer and snack. Stop for a mid-mountain brew at any point in the day.

Join the Fun at Spring Back to Vail

Each year, Vail hosts a fun event called Spring Back to Vail. This year, it takes place April 14-16th. During this special event, you can enjoy free live concerts, great deals from local shops, a luau, the World Pond Skimming Championships, and more! We’ll update you about this fun, upcoming event as we get closer, so stay tuned!

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