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River Rafting is EXCELLENT right now in the Vail Valley

A record snowpack of 239 percent combined with recent cool temperatures could keep the rivers flowing high and fast into July, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's Water Science Center.
The water is fast and exciting, which is terrific news for rafters and kayakers, but just a few stretches are safe for rafting right now. Going with the pros allows rafters who may be apprehensive about the big water the best possible whitewater experience. Professional raft companies know the rivers and which water levels are suitable for commercial rafting at any particular time. Safety kayakers, on-shore safety and multiple boats provide added support at any water level on commercial trips.

Bridges tend to be the number one obstacle keeping rafts off a particular stretch at high water. However, other sections that would normally be challenging at lower water levels are wonderful right now.

As of today, local outfitter Timberline Tours has a few exciting rafting trips for all levels, beginner to advanced. Grizzly Creek to West Glenwood Springs South Canyon allows beginners to see the splendor of Glenwood Canyon while experiencing fast whitewater in the Rockies.

For more advanced rafters, Gore Creek through Vail and the Eagle River through Eagle-Vail and Avon offers that extra bit of adrenaline and excitement.

Temperatures in the area will continue to affect water levels as we move into July, so be sure to check with the pros before you go. Big water equals big fun when you go with the professionals!

--Today’s rafting report provided by Timberline Tours, Defining Vail Rafting Since 1971!