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Vail Halloween: Where to Get Your Scare On, and Common Superstitions

Tonight is Halloween: This means there will be minions, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, cartoon characters, Darth Vaders, Captain Americas, Vikings, Luke Skywalkders, and bunny rabbits galore walking around town. Halloween in Vail and the surrounding towns is a great time: Here are our picks on the best places to go to get your scare on!

Halloween Events in Vail and Beaver Creek

In Vail: Take your kids to the 24th annual Trick or Treat Trot today from 2 to 5pm. You and your kids can dress up and take to the streets to trick or treat the streets of Vail. Start at the welcome booths in Vail and Lionshead Villages, where you can get free balloons. Participating merchants will have an oversized jack-o-lanter at their entrance, signaling that candy can be found there! To get in the mood for trick-or-treating, visit the Vail Public Library, where you can enjoy a Hallloween story hour (from 1-2pm).

In Beaver Creek: Join the town of Beaver Creek by trick-or-treating to stores in the village, and participate in the costume parade. You can also enjoy a free Halloween movie screening, and pick out a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! The events start at 4:30 – view the complete calendar of events so you don’t miss out!

Common Halloween Superstitions

As you trick or treat tonight, keep in mind these spooky Halloween superstitions to really get in a frightening mood!

  • Beware Bats and Black Cats: If you spot bats flying around, take care: This means there are spirits and ghosts nearby! And, if you see a black cat, it means there might be a witch nearby.
  • Hold Your Breath: If you pass a cemetery, be sure to hold your breath: This way, evil spirits can’t enter your body!
  • Walk around Ghosts: This might be a bit tiring on Halloween night (considering the high density of ghosts), but if you spot one, walking around it 9 times will make it disappear!
  • Welcome Spider: You might think that spiders are creepy and gross, but legend says that if you see a spider on Halloween night, it’s actually a sign that the spirit of a dead loved one is watching over you!

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