Vail Mountain Bike Rental Options
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Vail Mountain Bike Rental: Where to Rent and Where to Ride

Vail Mountain Bike Rental Options

There’s nothing quite like it: Rushing down a mountain, the summer breeze whisking past your face, the warm sun on your back, and miles of green mountainside rushing by. Riding a bike in the mountains of Vail and Beaver Creek is a fantastic experience. There are mountain and road biking trails for all ages and experience levels, so everyone in your family can enjoy a ride. In today’s blog post, we’ll go Vail mountain bike rental options, as well as where you should go to have the best bike ride.

Beaver Creek and Vail Mountain Bike Rental Options

There are many great mountain and road bike rental options in both Vail and Beaver Creek. Here are a few of our favorites:

Charter Sports

Chart Sports has a wide variety of rental options, including comfort bikes, mountain bikes, and even bike tours. And, they have rental locations both in Vail and Beaver Creek.

Double Diamond

Double Diamond is located conveniently at the base of Lionshead, offering you easy access to Vail Mountain if you’re interested in riding in that area.

Vail Sports

Vail Sports bike rentals are convenient, as you can book them online. You’ll find great prices and convenient locations where you can pick up your gear.

Where to Ride in Vail and Beaver Creek

There are many places to ride around Vail and Beaver Creek. Before you choose a route, you need to decide if you’re going to try road or mountain biking, and what level of expertise you’re at. This will help you decide on the best route! If you’re interested in road biking, here are some great road bike routes in Vail. If you’re looking for great mountain bike trails in Vail or Beaver Creek, Singletracks has a great map of mountain bike rides in the area.

See More of the Mountains When You Ride

When you ride a bike in the mountains of Colorado, you’ll be able to see more of the scenery than you would on foot. There’s nothing better than rushing down the side of a mountain, and feeling the trail beneath the tires. And, when your destination has some of the best restaurants and breweries in Colorado, you can find a great spot to relax after your ride.

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