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Everyone loves a great massage especially during vacation but in the wintertime there are even more reasons to treat yourself. Numerous resorts and lodges have onsite spa and body treatment services available and may offer spa packages as part of their Vail lodging deals.

Benefits of a Winter Massage

Ski and snowboarding enthusiasts love when winter and the snow begin, sparking the start of the season. The cold weather, however, can easily make muscles and joints sore and stiff. The lack of circulation and blood flow can increase aches and pain and decrease overall body function. It is important to keep muscles well stretched and your circulation healthy. Exercise and meditation are two ways to help with this; massage therapy is another great option. Massage stimulates lymphatic flow, improving how the blood circulates to the muscles, tendons and ligaments and also boosts the immune system. Lymph is made up of white blood cells that boost immunity by fighting off bacteria and infection

Dry and cracked skin can happen during the colder months even when you do not spend a great deal of time outside. The drop in temperatures outside and the lack of humidity in the heated indoors, can cause the depletion of moisture on the skin of your hands, face and feet in particular. Massage can help to exfoliate your dead skin cells and often uses oils and lotions that nourish your skin. The therapy’s stimulation encourages improved circulation which in turn speeds the healing of chapped and cracked skin.

Sports Relief can be found with stretching, kneading, compressions, heat and herbal elements. When skiing and snowboarding you use muscles that you don’t use in daily activity. It is also common to suffer minor injuries and sprains while flying down the slopes. Sports massage, at one of the many Vail Spa and therapy centers, can be used prior to a day of skiing to prepare your body for strenuous activity or can be used afterwards to relax and soothe overworked muscles.

Winter Spa Services

Winter treatments may include hot stones or essential oils that are particularly helpful to soothe skin that is in dire need of moisture. The hot stones or towels not only rejuvenate but encourage muscle relaxation and energy flow.  Body treatment wraps are becoming increasingly popular as part of a day at the spa. Usually a full body exfoliation proceeds the wrap; essential oils, minerals or herbal rubs are applied to moisturize and revitalize the client. You can also choose a full day of spa treatments or spa packages that may include therapies for the scalp, feet and hands as well as full body massage.

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