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Visiting Vail this Summer? Here’s a Summer Packing List for Colorado

Summer Packing List for Colorado

If you’re planning a summer trip to Vail and Beaver Creek, there are many things on your mind: You need to find lodging, book any guided tours or hikes you wish to enjoy, and research the best restaurants to try during your stay. Another thing you might be worried about is what to bring on your summer adventure to Colorado. As locals, we can solve this problem for you: View our complete summer packing list for Colorado to make sure you bring everything you need for your vacation!

About the Weather in Colorado

Colorado is very comfortable state to visit during the summer months. Here are the average temperatures according toU.S. Climate Data for the area:

  • June: The average temperature is 70°, with the average low being 36°.
  • July: The average temperature is 76°, with the average low being 42°.
  • August: The average temperature is 74°, with the average low being 41°.

With low humidity, it’s important to remember that when you are standing directly in the sun, it can get hot quickly, while being out of direct sunlight may mean you want to wear a light jacket.

Ultimate Summer Packing List for Colorado

It’s important to bring layers when you pack for your trip to Colorado. It’s not unusual to go hiking under a cloudless sky, only to be caught in a torrential thunderstorm in the afternoon. Keep this in mind as you pack.

Clothing: Bring a couple of pairs of shorts, and a pair of pants for the evenings when the sun goes down. You may want to bring a few sundresses if you’re planning on going out for a nice dinner (Colorado is quite casual, so unless you’re planning a very gourmet meal, a sundress or regular street clothes are just fine). Be sure to bring comfortable hiking shoes, and a pair of flip flops for walking around town or getting to and from your hot tub at night! Also, be sure to pack a light jacket (preferably waterproof), just in case it gets rainy.

Toiletries: One of the most important things on your packing list for Colorado is sunscreen.  Because Vail is at such a high elevation, you are much more exposed to the sun’s ultraviolent rays. Many people get sunburned without even realizing what is happening. Also be sure to pack bug repellant, and your regular toiletries.

Electronics: Be sure to bring your camera to capture memories of hiking, fishing, camping, eating out, or exploring while on vacation. Also be sure to pack extra batteries! If you’re planning on relying on your cell phone for communication during hikes, consider bringing a different form of communication (such as walkie talkies), because you may not have reception.

Enjoy the Beautiful Summers in Colorado

Remember, Vail and Beaver Creek have shopping areas, so if you forget something, it’s not the end of the world. The most important thing to bring to Colorado is your sense of adventure, as there are countless activities and ways to enjoy Colorado summers!

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