Weddings in Vail: 3 Stunning Wedding & Reception Venues

Weddings in Vail - 3 Stunning Wedding/Reception Venues

Weddings in Vail, Colorado are truly unique. With magnificent mountains looming as a backdrop, a downtown modeled after a European village where you can take beautiful photos, and a relaxing, home-town atmosphere, Vail really is the best place in Colorado to get married. There are many resources right here in town to help as you plan your wedding. Here are three stunning venues to make your wedding planning simple! We know that you have to start now to plan your wedding – here are some ideas to inspire!

Best Wedding Reception Venues in Vail

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is crucial. Here are a few of the most popular and beautiful spots in the area:

– The Sebastian Vail

The Sebastian at Vail is a stunning hotel located right in the heart of Vail Village. If you want to feel like you’re getting married in Europe, this is the venue for you.  And, the Sebastian even has in-house wedding planners and a great staff to make sure your wedding reception runs smoothly. To see this beautiful venue, watch the following video (skip to 5:50 to see the reception.

– Vail Mountain

If you wish to highlight your Vail heritage and the love of the outdoors, consider hosting your wedding and reception on Vail Mountain itself. You’ll get married in a stunning atmosphere: with 360 degree views of the valley (including Mount of the Holy Cross and the Gore Mountain Range), and the beauty of Vail as your backdrop. There are several venue options, including the Wedding Deck.

– Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is the perfect venue. The decorations and ambience are included, as you’ll get married surrounded by lush flowers, babbling waterfalls, and peaceful rock gardens. Known as the world’s highest botanic garden, this venue is beautiful and magical. You’ll need to apply for alcohol and other permits well in advance, but it is worth it to be married in such a gorgeous area.

These are just two great reception venue options for weddings in Vail. See a complete list of the best Vail wedding resort venues for more information and options. If you want to be inspired, check out this search for Vail weddings on YouTube: You’ll be stunned by just how unique and beautiful weddings in Vail can be!

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